image Justin David


debut publication by Inkandescent, available in paperback and ebook

If Alice had landed in London not Wonderland, Threads might be the result: each poem by Nathan Evans is complemented with a bespoke photograph from Justin David and, like Tenniel's illustrations for Carroll, word and text warp and weft to create an alchemic (rabbit) whole.

On one page, the image of an alien costume, hanging surreally beside a school uniform on a washing line, accompanies a poem about fleeing suburbia. On another, a poem about seeking asylum accompanies the image of another displaced alien on an urban train. Spun from heartfelt emotion and embroidered with humour, Threads will leave you aching with longing and laughter.

Nathan's poetry is threaded through with themes of sexuality, mortality, love and nature. Written over a period of twenty years, the poems have been remixed under the mentorship of award-winning poet Katrina Naomi.

Justin is best known for his baroque figurative work, and signature renderings of cabaret stars Benjamin Louche and Fancy Chance are threaded through the collection between more abstract and unusual settings.

Threads is available in paperback from bookshops including Bloomsbury's Gay's The Word and from Amazon. A special-edition ebook, featuring additional audio-visual material is available from iBooks.

Readings have included Polari at the Southbank Centre.

'A winning blend of words and images, woven together with passion and wit.' - Paul Burston
'A poetic, performative landscape where the everyday bumps up against memories, dreams and magic.' - Marisa Carnesky
'In this bright and beautiful collaboration, poetry and photography join hands, creating sharp new ways to picture our lives and loves.' - Neil Bartlett