photo Mike Kear


a spit 'n' sawdust spectacular at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (2006-8)

curated & hosted by Nathaniel De Ville (AKA Nathan Evans)
co-host Timberlina
dance troupe Bearlesque
dj Dawn Right Nasty
door whore Polly Vinyl (AKA Polly Wiseman)

Guests included David Hoyle, Ida Barr, Burly Q, La Terremoto De Alcorcon,
Dusty Limits, Des O'Connor, Fancy Chance, Lucifire, Jonny Woo, David Mills,
Scottee, Bourgeois & Maurice, Lorraine Bowen, Ursula Martinez, Madame Galina,
Marisa Carnesky, Bette Bourne, Lavinia Co-Op, Fivesome, The Amazing Ari,
Gill Manly, Underbling & Vow, Adrella, Dickie Beau, Thom Shaw, Ophelia Bitz,
Pustra & Vile-een, Theatre De Strange, Clementine The Living Fashion Doll,
La Celine, Piff The Magic Dragon, The Germaniaxx, Blanche Dubois,
Lottie Wainwright (deceased), Doris La Trine, Tim Spooner & Matthew Robbins,
Mysti Vine, Chloe Poems, Miss Akimbo, Red Sarah, Tina C, Russella,
Lazlo Pearlman, Ernesto Sarezale, Le Gateau Chocolat, Scales of the Unexpected,
Taylor Mac, Empress Stah, Paul L Martin, Mr Teds, Polly Cupcake

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